5 Lies Every College Student Tells Themselves During Finals Week

5 Lies Every College Student Tells Themselves During Finals Week


So, the time has come to drown your sorrows with coffee and exhaust your brain with countless hours of cramming an entire semester’s worth of information into your head. It’s finals week. Truly a bittersweet ordeal because the semester is pretty much over, but you have to end it on such a stressful note. During this time, college students make promises they seldom ever keep. So, what kinds of lies do we tell ourselves during finals week?


I will get enough sleep this week

No, you will not. You’ll be pulling all-nighters trying to get the study guide complete and attempting to remember everything you learned throughout the semester.

I will not cram at the last minute

This one is famous. You tell yourself two months in advance that you are going to start studying ASAP, however, it just so happens that ASAP is the night before your final exam. You are then stressing out and telling yourself you should have started a month ago. You promise yourself you’ll start studying earlier next time. (You won’t.)

The 15 minutes of studying I did will be enough to get a passing grade

Though some students can get away with making an A or B on an exam with minimal studying, it typically takes a lot more time to understand and retain knowledge for a test. Some of us choose to ignore this fact, and convince ourselves that cramming the highlights at break-neck speed will be enough to get us a decent grade.

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I will not go out this week

Yes you will. Even with the best intentions to stay in and study, you will somehow end up tearing it up on the dance floor with your friends. There’s nothing wrong with this - it gives you a chance to relax and let off some steam – but don’t let it do too much damage to your study time.

I can complete this six page study guide in a week and still have time to study from it

Yeah, this isn’t a thing. Though sometimes a week is all the time you have to complete a study guide, it will take you continuously working on it for days in a row just to get it complete and to have enough time to study, especially if the professor was very in-depth and each question has another twenty questions to go with it.

Finals week can be incredibly stressful, to say the least. A well-rested mind will function a lot better than one that’s begging for sleep. Take a break when you need one, and keep your chin up! College isn’t supposed to be easy, but it’s not impossible. You’ve got this!

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