4 Signs He's Into You

4 Signs He's Into You


It can be hard, these days, to tell if a crush is flirting or just being friendly. Use these 4 signs as a guideline to see if a guy is really into you.

1. He Makes Eye Contact

You know that old saying, “communication is key”? Well, it really is, and a guy that is truly into you will always demonstrate superb eye contact. With this locking gaze, during a conversation, a guy is nonverbally demonstrating that he is listening and cares about what you have to say. With this practice, a guy is also trying to conceptualize to you how important you are to him. If a guy always has striking eye contact, it could be a sign that he is into you.

2. He's Dependable

Is the guy you’re crushing on always on time and the first one to ask if he can help? Guys that are extremely punctual and helpful often are trying to impress you. With these small gestures, the guy is telling you, “You can always count on me.” These instances may seem small, but believe me, the guy thinks about everything; from the clothes he is going to wear to the time he is going to arrive. If your, “Mr. Right” displays these characteristics, it could just be another sign that he really is into you.

3. He's Slightly Awkward

Do you and he sometimes have an awkward exchange of words or glances? A guy who is really into you wants everything to be perfect. At times, he may overthink something and in turn start to act awkward for a few seconds. He gets awkward and flustered because he really cares and wants to make sure you feel the same way. If a guy is acting like this, there is almost a one hundred percent chance he is into you. At this point the guy is most likely asking himself the same question, “I wonder if she is into me?”

4. He Plans Things Out

Does he plan your next interaction out? It doesn’t have to be a date, but maybe he asked for your phone number or planned a time to study together. A guy who is truly into you will make sure that your next meeting is planned. He wants to show you how serious he is and also put you at the top of his schedule. The time you both spend together is special to him and if he tries to plan something immediately after ending one interaction, it most likely means he really is into you.

Good Luck!

I hope this article was of some help to you. As we all know, it can be stressful to constantly wonder if your crush is really into you. Let your true self show, and follow these 4 signs as a guideline to judge his character and behavior. If your guy crush demonstrates a majority of these signs, then there is a good chance he really is into you.

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