4 Side Hustles That Will Look Great On Your Resume

4 Side Hustles That Will Look Great On Your Resume


A solid resume is crucial for any job seeker, no matter the experience level. Resumes help employers determine if you’re eligible for the position you’re applying for. A standard resume has job experience, education, and skills that are relevant to the position you want, but what about the things you do on the side to make more money or pursue other passions? Should those go on a resume? And if so, what side hustles will make you look good to potential employers?

1. Selling Your DIYs

Whether your DIY shop consists of making jewelry, distressing denim, or crafting custom coffee mugs, it’s sure to look great on your resume. Making your own DIY gadgets and accessories will give your resume a boost because it means you are good with your hands, you come up with valuable ideas, know how to sell, are creative, and are detail-oriented, and above all, motivated! Any potential employer will be thrilled to see how driven you are. Not to mention, you’re managing your own business. Even though it’s small, you’re wearing a lot of hats. Make sure to show them off!

2. Social Media Management

Social media is on the rise, and businesses are turning to every social media platform there is to get their name out there. Managing a social media account is work, and depending on what accounts you’re handling, it can be pretty time consuming. If it’s something you have a knack for, though, it will show employers that you are experienced with building a social media following and know how to engage with followers. They will have faith that you can give their company a positive social media presence and bring in more potential customers and clients.

3. Interior Design or Home Remodeling

If you help a family friend or a colleague paint, refurnish, or remodel a home, this is a good example of a side hustle that will look great on a resume. Employers who know this about you will assume you are handy, creative, reliable, and motivated - great traits for a work environment. It also shows that you aren’t intimidated by a blank slate or large project. Both great qualities in a future employee.

4. Freelance Work

Writers, graphic designers, programmers, and other jobs that require specialized skills can all be worked freelance. You don’t have to be employed with a company to do any of these jobs. Adding freelance gigs to your resume is a great way to show off your true talent. Freelance work also gets you credible experience, so you can build up your resume without having to leave your existing bill-paying job. Create a LinkedIn and ask clients to provide reviews if they were happy with your work. Testimonials are a great endorsement of your talent!

Side gigs can really help give you a one up when it comes to applying for a job. Nowadays, employers want more than just a solid education and relevant job experience. Other learned skills may be useful to the company you are applying for, but playing up your side hustle may just be your ticket to a wonderful job. If you aren’t doing anything on the side, it wouldn’t hurt to consider learning a new skill or cashing in on a hobby. You never know what kind of doors it will open for you in the future.

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