3 Things to Remember When Writing a Paper

3 Things to Remember When Writing a Paper


At times, writing a new piece can be difficult and challenging. Based on that knowledge, I have included several strategies I use when writing anything from poetry to academic papers. Whether you have a final paper, a deadline on a report approaching, or are just starting to write more recreationally, hopefully these insights can help you.

Don’t Be Afraid To Try Something New

Maybe you always use first person point of view…Try switching it up and you will be surprised how your writing will develop. A lot of times, when writing, I think to myself, “It could be interesting to try this technique here, or a different technique later on in the story.” For example, if I was writing a narrative, it may be interesting to make the story from the point of view of a dog instead of the normal human approach.

 When writing more of a research paper, or a final paper, it may be interesting and helpful to change your topic slightly. For example, say your paper is for a history class, and your prompt is to explain how the slave trade impacted both the people and culture of the new world. In this instance, it would be interesting to provide both a research perspective and a narrative story. An introduction that is both from the point of view of a slave and you as a writer could provide your paper with more depth and perspective.

Use Your Creativity

Always have those crazy thoughts that could never realistically exist in this world? Perfect. These ideas may not be able to take form in real life, but on paper, they can come alive. Obviously, while writing a fictional story, the author has full reign of control over the aspects of the story, but while writing an academic paper, an author can also use his/her creativity to impact the piece.  In an academic paper, this creativity may take the form of an argument that is normally argued from the opposite perspective.

Using your own creativity while writing a paper for class is a great way to separate your piece from your fellow classmate’s papers, both in writing and in the mind of your professor. Taking a different approach from everyone else in the class can surprise a professor, and allow them to see just how creative and thoughtful you were when it came to the topic of your paper.

Have Fun

Writing is not a task that everyone enjoys. Some people may want to make a career out of writing, whereas others find it boring and dull. No matter what category you fall into, you should try and have the most fun you can while writing. Having fun with your writing will not only pass the time, put will also improve the overall strength of each of your pieces.

Hopefully, these insights were of some help to you and will allow you to further your writing abilities. If you are starting a paper for class or gearing up for a final, good luck, and remember to have fun.

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