3 of the Most Cliche Breakup Lines (& What They Really Mean)

3 of the Most Cliche Breakup Lines (And What They Really Mean)


We have always looked for a way out of a relationship with a slick, gentle, redundant line rather than just being honest. There are a few go-to lines that many resort to in times of trouble. These lines are often vague, with no true definition or reason of use. I’m here to save your brains the work and tell you the true meaning of these clichés. Now, I can only speak from the man’s side of the break-up since I’ve only experienced this from a man’s perspective, but at least you ladies will know what he is really saying when he breaks it off.

“I think we should see other people.”

This line isn’t about what it means as much as it is why it was said. There are a couple options as to why this line was used. Some men would use it as a scapegoat line to permit himself to see other people right away without any time between the relationships. Most men, though, use it plain as day: just saying that the relationship isn’t where it should be and seeing others is the best option for both of you.

“I need some space.”

Space. That is the key word to realize the true meaning. Guys aren’t like women in the sense that they want to spend every waking moment in the others presence. Guys also want to have their time for sports, friends, or their hobbies as a whole. So when a girl doesn’t give him this option, he uses this line to say in a nice way that you are “clingy.” Don’t get me wrong; we love to be around our significant other, but when it engulfs all of our time, that’s when we have a problem. Simple advice: give your man space in the first place to prevent the use of this line.

“It’s not you, it’s me.”

This may be the vaguest but widely-used cliché line around. Sure, it could really not be you, but is it because of you that he feels different? If that didn’t make sense, let me explain.  The line says that it isn’t you, but it’s him. What about him exactly? Did his feelings change? Does he not want a relationship? There are many other things that could have changed, but the changes could have been caused from you or the relationship as a whole. So this line is a sign of a cover-up of some sort since the “me” change could very well be caused by “you.”

Before you jump down the throat of anyone that uses these lines, remember that they could be using it as truth rather than a scapegoat. This is not an article saying everyone is a liar and is hiding something. It was simply a glimpse into the translation of some of the common lines some of the time. Always talk out the problems before jumping into these conclusions. Good luck!

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