27 Snapchat Stories You Can Expect to See a Lot of This Summer

27 Snapchat Stories You Can Expect to See a Lot of This Summer

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, right?

1. Beach sunset/sunrise pic

They’re just so pretty, who wouldn’t want to share with a hundred of their closest Snap friends?

2. Lake view

From a boat, from the deck at the lake house, from the edge of the water (since it’s too damn cold to take a swim but so damn tranquil you have to document it), or all of the above. Often accompanied by the famous…

3. Mountain view

Snow-capped peaks even in July? Yes please!

4. Swimsuit selfie

Friends optional, but highly recommended. If you’ve got it, flaunt it, right? (P.S. You’ve all got it!)

5. Selfies with friends

Swimsuits optional, but strongly encouraged.

6. Hotdog legs

It’s not summer until someone’s Snap story causes a “are these hot dogs or legs?” debate.

7. Top of a Ferris Wheel

Aka the top of the world. Basically. Also, props to you for the clear split second snapshot in the wiggly chair.

8. Friend’s pets

You’ve all been away at school so long, your friends probably forgot what they looked like. And literally everything they do is adorable so obviously everyone should get to see.

9. Summer parties

Almost as good as college parties, but with a completely different (also wonderful) group of people.

10. Food

Between vacation food, mom’s home cooking, and grandma’s baked goods, it’s enough to get your mouth watering every time you check your phone.

11. Work selfies

Just because you’re stuck indoors doesn’t mean you can’t be part of the fun! Of course, a work selfie is never complete without a #werk or #worklife thrown in.

12. View out the car window from the passenger seat

The altitude, weather, speed, and geofilters are always a nice touch.

13. View out a plane window

Just so all your friends know what the clouds look like from the top. Bonus points if you get the wing in there!

14. Selfies with random family members

Most likely grandparents or cousins. They’re probably all people that nobody on your friends list knows but they should definitely see who you’re with at any given time of the day.

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15. 4th of July fireworks

For the record, there’s nothing like the real thing. Except a Snapchat video you can watch over and over. ’Merica.

16. Campfires/bonfires

A summer staple. Generally followed by a picture of your perfectly roasted marshmallow, or a flaming ball of sadness.

17. Farm/zoo animals

The cute little creatures are just so photogenic.

18. Disney World

Someone, somewhere, is definitely going to Disney World.

19. Suitcase pictures

#packing for that dream vacation. What do I bring???

20. That prize-winning fish

The one you caught? Worthy of a trophy. Or a picture at least.

21. Outdoor activities

Hiking, biking, swimming, camping, tanning…. summer is meant to be spent outside!

22. Stargazing

Can we even see the stars? No. Are we going to keep Snapping until we can? Absolutely.

23. Hammock shot

Cute pedicured toes, crossed legs, and an open book: postcard perfect.

24. Summer classes

You sacrifice your summer in the name of graduating early…or at least on time. We admire your dedication.

25. Airport shots

Are you actually travelling if you didn’t take a Snapchat in the airport and share it with the personalized geofilter? Nope.

26. Mini-golfing

A summer classic, fun for everyone. What’s a summer night without a little mini-golf?

27. Sunburns

The unavoidable truth of summertime fun in the sun. (Wear sunscreen! Skin cancer doesn’t make good Snapchat story material!)


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