2018 Cyber Monday Deals

Cyber Monday Deals to Save Big on This Year


Cyber Monday is on its way, which means it’s time for big deals on your favorite items you can buy without even leaving the house. Still in a Thanksgiving coma and can’t make it to the stores? Skip Black Friday and don’t worry about searching for that one item in-store while jostling through crowds of people. Instead, do some finger exercises and check out this list of Cyber Monday deals to score this year on November 26th.

Check a Cyber Monday Site

Search CyberMondayDeals.com, where you can find the hottest deals from some of your favorite stores all in one place. The site gives you a look at the top products of the season, trending offers, and even filters your search for free shipping.


Amazon is an everyday favorite, especially for college students to find budget-friendly deals. On Cyber Monday, stop by Amazon to find even more unbeatable deals. Consider doing your holiday shopping early, because Amazon will have great gift deals and popular holiday products.

Best Buy

Have you been saving up for a new set of headphones, a computer, camera, or another favorite electronic device? Well, save a little more by waiting for the Cyber Monday deals at Best Buy. They will have some of the best devices for you at a discounted price.


Walmart is another go-to favorite for everyday shopping and holiday gifts. On Cyber Monday, you can shop by category for electronics, home, toys, clothes, and more. Again, this is another great store to start your holiday shopping.



Target is bringing more holiday happiness. Visit their website before Cyber Monday to subscribe to their emails and get the latest information about Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and other exclusives and promotions. Check out the clearance section for top deals and the gift finder to specialize your search for your favorite people.


Are you planning a getaway trip soon? Before you do, check out Travelocity’s Cyber Monday deals. They always seem to have discounts and promos. Also, if you find a lower traveling price, Travelocity will match it and refund you the difference. (Hello, spring break!)

Other Tips for Cyber Monday:

Watch Your Email

Lots of Cyber Monday deals are only advertised online or through email. So constantly check your promotions folder in your email from your favorite stores. If you haven’t subscribed to the store, go on their website and do it! Don’t forget to grab the deal when you see it, because items can go out of stock fast, and the prices won’t last.

Make a List

To get the most out of Cyber Monday, create a list of all the things you want and need. You should also include the store you intend to buy it from so you won’t waste time searching each site. Knowing what you want and where to get it also saves you from falling into sales traps and making unplanned purchases that you’ll feel guilty about later. In addition to the stores above, check your personal favorite stores for info on their upcoming Cyber Monday deals. If they’re online, chances are they’re running a Cyber Monday promotion.

Shop Safe

It’s a good habit to only purchase items from companies you know are legit. You don’t want to give the wrong people your important personal or financial information. Even with big brand names like Walmart, Target, and Best Buy, you should know what their return policy is. When checking your email for the best deals, know where the email is coming from and make sure it isn’t spam. If you are not sure, avoid clicking links in the email and go to the website to see if the site and its products are legit.

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