14 Annoying Things Tall Girls Deal with on a Daily Basis

14 Annoying Things Tall Girls Deal with on a Daily Basis

At 5’10”, I’ve found that being tall has plenty of benefits. I can always reach things in the cupboard, and I don’t have to worry about not being able to see at concerts, but like anything else, being tall comes with its fair share of daily struggles.

1. Buying clothes/shoes

It’s unreasonably difficult to find pants that are long enough to cover your entire leg, not to mention the fact that shorts, skirts, and dresses all look even shorter on you because your legs seem to never end.

Tall people also tend to have big feet. Having big feet really narrows your selection of cute shoes to choose from. For some reason shoemakers think that if you have big feet you will be less likely to love the fun floral pattern or bright colors than people with small feet. Nope, we get to dig through all the plain Jane tennis shoes and basic, tasteless flats to find anything really worth wearing. You can also forget wearing heels, because as great as they may make your legs look, your confidence just doesn’t need to hear all those “friendly giant” jokes.

2. Leg room

In the car, at your desk, at the dinner table - no matter where you go or where you sit, you probably won’t have enough leg room. It’s become so common to not have it that in the rare instance you do, it’s a very pleasant surprise.

3. Squatting for pictures

You’re always in the middle of pictures. Unless there’s another tall girl in your group. Then you both get to be on the outside. Whatever is more “aesthetically pleasing.” Over time, you could probably have some nicely-toned thighs from all the times you must slightly squat and hold yourself there for a picture with all your friends. This problem is only accentuated when you’re wearing heels…if you have the confidence to do that in the first place.

4. Computers

If you use a computer after a short person, you’re most likely going to have to tilt the monitor up so you can actually see what’s on the screen. Not a huge deal, but still pretty annoying.

5. Bending over to use the sink

Or the counter, or anything else that’s designed for those of average height and ends up inconveniencing tall people. Not a big deal for short periods of time, but it definitely starts to wear on you after a while.

6. Public restroom stalls

That awkward moment when you stand up in a bathroom stall and you can see over the door, looking at yourself in the mirror above the sinks.

7. Mirrors

It’s never fun to walk into a restroom to check your hair or makeup and find that you can only see half of your head in the mirror because it’s hung too low.

8. Shower heads

Finding a shower head that’s installed high enough so you don’t have to crouch to wash your hair is more of a challenge than it should be.

9. Hitting your head

Aside from hitting your head on the shower head every morning you’re also at risk of bumping your head on the tops of door frames, cabinet doors, light fixtures (generally the ones above tables), and just about anything else. On the plus side, you’ve got a tough head now because it’s so used to banging into things.

10. Bumping your knees on low desks or tables

Those long legs are usually covered in bruises. Any table, desk, chair, or solid object that they could hit, they have. If you sit somewhere with a hard surface in front of you, you’re going to hit your knees on it. If you sit down at a desk or table, your knees are probably rubbing against the bottom of it. It would be really nice to be able to stretch out your legs and avoid this problem all together. Oh wait, there’s not enough room in front of you for your legs. Never mind.

11. Tripping on things

Big feet and long legs are a recipe for disaster. Not only do you have to pick your legs up higher to get over things, you also have to watch your feet to make sure they aren’t catching on possible tripping hazards. Also, falling is a way bigger deal because you’re farther from the ground. The struggle is real.

12. Clumsiness in general

Your long arms, long legs, long torso, and big feet are not always easy to control. You’re bound to be covered in bruises because being tall just makes you more prone to being clumsy.

13. Walking too fast for all your friends

Your long legs take off sometimes. Most of the time you don’t even think you’re going that fast until you realize the person next to you is basically running to keep up. But slowing your pace to match all your friends feels like turtle speed.

14. When people ask you, “Do you play basketball?”

Uh, no. Do all short people play mini golf?

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