13 Things You Can Do to Honor a Vet This Veterans Day

13 Ways to Honor a Vet This Veterans Day


Veterans Day is an important day for showing appreciation and respect to those past and present who gave their lives to serve our country. Here are a few ways you can show your appreciation this Veterans Day, November 11th.

Say “thank you”

It is a small but very kind gesture just to say “thank you” to a veteran whenever you see them. They will greatly appreciate it. You can even post a message on social media giving your thanks.

Show your support

Attend a Veterans Day parade in your area to show your appreciation for those who’ve served.

Ask someone about their service

Having a conversation with someone who has served shows your interest and thanks. Some questions you can ask are, “How long have you been serving in the military?” “What did you do while you were there?” “What was your favorite moment during your time in the service?” Stay away from the tougher questions about combat, and remember that it’s okay if you just sit back and listen.

Donate to the USO

The USO stands for the United Service Organizations. This is a non-profit that provides programs, services, and entertainment to service members and their families. There are many others like this one that you can donate to as well.


Volunteers help to strengthen America’s military service members by keeping them happy and connected to their family and home. Spend some time volunteering at a local USO or other programs that helps service members.

Send a letter

If you know someone who has served, write them a letter of appreciation to show your support.

Visit a VA Hospital

A VA hospital is a Veterans Health Administration hospital. Find out what the regulations are for a VA hospital near you. Some have specific events where you can volunteer.

Put flowers or an American flag on the graves of veterans

This is another small but thoughtful gesture that you can take part in.

Put up your American flag

Putting up your American flag is a good symbol to show that you are supporting our veterans.

Read and comment on stories from service members

Sometimes, those who served (or are serving) put their stories online for others to read and try to understand their experiences. Read a few to gain perspective about what their lives were like, and send a supportive comment to show your gratitude.

Learn more about veterans

It’s important to understand why veterans actually serve. Many veterans consider this a big thank you. If you don’t know much about it, research American history and the progress we have made thus far.

Teach younger people about veterans

After learning all you can, teach others about why veterans serve, and what they’ve done to protect and defend our country.

Additional things you can do

Need more ideas? Sending a care package (check out Home to Heroes, Support Our Troops, or Operation Gratitude), delivering meals, or taking a veteran out for a meal are other good ways to honor those who’ve served.

What else do you do to show your appreciation on Veterans Day?


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