13 of the Weirdest College Majors

13 of the Weirdest College Majors

Turfgrass Science: If sports are your passion, but you don’t have the interest – or the skills - to play on the field, why not get a job working on them? Penn State offers you the lawn care management education track you’ve always dreamed of.

Citrus: Yes, you can major in fruit, and, yes, the college that offers this degree is in the state you think it is. Florida Southern College is the only school where you’ll find this degree offered, and with Florida’s state fruit being the orange, they’re more than qualified to teach it.

Surf Science and Technology: Surfer bros and babes get a bad rep as uneducated beach bums. Cornwall College defies the stereotype by offering students insight into the science behind the popular sport.

Ethical Hacking: The term may seem like an oxymoron, but if you’re both tech-savvy and nosy, Abertay University has the major for you. Fun fact, it’s the first degree with the word “hacking” in the title. How cool is that?

Cryptozoology: Cryptozoology is the study of animals that aren’t proven to exist. If you think you know where Bigfoot is hiding or are convinced you can catch Nessie in Scotland, Salisbury University in Maryland has the degree for you.

Magic: This isn’t a regularly-offered degree, but one student at Indiana University managed to receive it through an Individualized Major education path. If you’re picturing ostentatious spells and potion brewing, you’ll be disappointed to hear that The Great Jordini is less of a Harry Potter and more of a Houdini.

Meme Studies: You either hate memes or you love them, but if you live and breathe internet culture, Midwestern University will welcome you with open arms. Spending too much time on the internet has gone from procrastination to actual studying. The 21st century is officially here.

Weather Forecasting: We all hate inaccurate weather reporters, so the University of Miami offers this degree in hopes of training meteorologists to be the best they can be. If you’ve got this degree on your resume, your future as a weatherperson looks sunny.

Aging Studies: Instead of simple medical gerontology, Ithaca College offers students the chance to learn more nuances about aging and the elderly, including nursing homes, health care, and the everyday lives of seniors. Students in the program have taught art classes to senior citizens, and even made documentaries about them.

Shakespeare Studies: If you’re interested in classical literature, theatre, or Shakespearean insults, King’s College in London offers you a chance to earn your masters studying the literary legend.

Peace Studies: If everyone had this degree from Loyola University Chicago, the world would undoubtedly be a better place.

Miming: You’ve heard of clown college, but did you know there are mime colleges, too? The Amsterdam University of the Arts offers a mime school for those who prefer body language to spoken ones.

Paper Engineering: Many think paper is only a few decades away from being replaced by technology, but at Western Michigan University, you can still study how the material is made and pave your way to a job in the industry.