12 Signs You're Addicted to Pinterest

12 Signs You're Addicted to Pinterest


I seriously suffer from a Pinterest addiction — and I know I’m not the only one. If you can relate to these signs, you definitely have a pinning problem:

1. You open the app five times (or more) each day.

Luckily, you’re following enough users and topics that you never run out of new content to save for later.

2. You pin articles without actually reading them.

You say you’ll go back and read them later, when you have time, or when you’re bored — but you never do.

3. You have so many pins, you’ve actually had to use the search bar to search your own profile.

Scrolling through your boards is too time-consuming when you have thousands of pins, but even searching “blue nail art” turns out a solid hundred results — and you’re still only searching your own profile. (Translation: You pin too much.)

4. You actually write descriptions for your pins.

You might even write descriptions for your boards, complete with hashtags and notes for later. Luckily, your followers love it — and your use of tags may be the reason you have so many!

5. You don’t just have the obligatory wedding board…

…you have five. Each board has a different category, from dresses to centerpieces, but none seem to be coherent. The boards might be useless when you actually go to plan your wedding, but it’s fun to pin now!

6. You have boards for products you aren’t even interested in.

Men’s fashion? Online classes? Shirts with words on them? You don’t have a need for any of these boards – but it would be heartbreaking to delete any of them.

7. You’re constantly updating your profile.

From choosing new board cover photos to updating descriptions to reorganizing the order your boards appear in, your constant updates ensure that your profile is never quite the same from week to week.

8. You have several secret boards with gift ideas for loved ones.

Because you can’t resist pinning them, but you also don’t want your family and friends to see what you plan on buying (duh).

9. You have so many pins that you don’t realize you pinned the same thing twice.

Luckily, Pinterest now lets you know before you make that mistake — but without that feature, you’d never know. It’s impossible to keep up with thousands (and thousands) of saved photos!

10. You go to Pinterest before you go to Google to search for things.

Forget “Googling” — search for what you need on Pinterest! Fellow pinners won’t let you down — they’ll share the good recipes, date ideas, and outfits so you don’t have to scour the entire Internet for what you really want.

11. Your boards have cute, pun-filled names.

E.g. “Let’s talk about shoes, baby,” “Say cheese(cake)!” and “BOOKing it.”

12. You always have a pin for that.

Did your friend get a ketchup stain on their silk top? No worries — you’ve pinned something on how to fix it. Is it your turn to decide what to have for dinner? Your recipe board is packed full of easy ideas. Now, you just have to find them…

If you or someone you know is suffering from a Pinterest addiction, there may still be time to get help. Just head to Pinterest.com and search for pins about it!

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