11 Signs You’re the Middle Child

11 Signs You’re the Middle Child


Being a middle child isn’t always easy, and it isn’t always fun. But it turns out being forgotten and having a syndrome dedicated to you isn’t so bad after all.

1. You aren’t closer to one parent or the other

Because your parents are usually paying attention to your siblings, you aren’t particularly close to one over the other. Sure, you share similarities with both, because they’re your parents, but you probably don’t have an insanely close bond with them like either of your siblings do. You’re just sort of there and so are they.

2. You will respond to your name, your brother’s name, your sister’s name, and probably the dog’s name

Because somehow your mom can remember all of their names but not the one that she gave you.

3. You had the benefit of learning everything from your older sibling, and mastering it by teaching your younger sibling

As much as you may resent your siblings for being perfect or getting away with everything, you get to be a younger sibling and an older sibling at the same time. Being in the middle was very beneficial, because not only did you have a role model who taught you all the ins and outs of your family, but you also got to be the boss of your younger sibling and mess with them as much as you got messed with. All those tricks your older sibling played on you that you completely fell for? Now you get to laugh when you play them on your younger sibling.

4. You adore attention, but you also hate it

You have a love-hate relationship with attention. Too much of it makes you uncomfortable, but if you aren’t getting enough, people will hear about it. Being a middle child conditioned you to be perfectly fine without lots of attention, but you also love when people focus on you.

5. You relate so strongly to other middle children because they’re just like you

Only other middle children understand what it’s like to be the middle child, and one of them in every movie or TV show is basically you in a nutshell. However, we don’t make good friends with each other because everything turns into a competition to stand out the most. Only children make great friends because they’re as great at giving attention as they are at receiving it. It’s a match made in heaven.

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6. You’re the black sheep of your family

You’re the opposite of your siblings. If they’re introverts, you’re an extrovert. If you’re involved in lots of activities, they most likely aren’t. Since you aren’t especially close to either one of your parents, you’re just kind of a floater and don’t necessarily have a special place to belong.

Also, everything you do makes you stand out like a sore thumb. Which isn’t always a bad thing because it attracts a lot of attention, but your parents also don’t understand you because you’re nothing like their first child and nothing like their last. You’re a mystery.

7. You’re fueled by rebellion

Rebellion is your best friend. It’s the perfect way to stand out. The perfect way to attract attention. The perfect way to be more unique. Also, a great way to get in trouble. (You learned that the hard way.)

8. You exaggerate stuff

1,000% of the things that come out of your mouth are hyperbole. But only because they have to be! This is always true. A million percent of the time.

9. You fly under the radar

Might as well take advantage of the fact that you’re the forgotten child. You can pretty much get away with anything because nobody is paying attention, anyway. But when that gets boring, it’s okay because…

10. You also love being in the middle of everything

The middle of pictures, the middle of the messes, the middle of the fun, the middle of the blame, the middle of the drama….

11. You’re probably the most awesome person in your family

Your efforts to stand out usually end up paying off in the end. You’re the one who went to college across the country. The one who made every effort to prove your parents wrong about anything and everything. The one who insists on keeping your family on their toes. The one that brings the excitement and fun to every family event. You may think it doesn’t matter when there, but they always notice when you’re gone.

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