11 Signs You're an Old Soul

11 Signs You're an Old Soul

Are you an old soul? If you relate to any of these, the chances are pretty high!

  1. Growing up, you spent more time with your parents and their friends than friends your age.
  2. You prefer paper books, and look down on people who use modern electronic reading methods.
  3. On the weekends, you binge watch TV shows like "House Hunters" and "Barefoot Contessa."
  4. You have trouble keeping up with today's hip lingo, and always have to Google new acronyms and phrases.
  5. "Early to bed, early to rise," is more than just a phrase. It's a way of life. 
  6. You're often referred to as the mom or dad of your friend group, as if remembering sunscreen makes you a parent or something.
  7. You've been experiencing joint pains since you learned to walk, and at roughly 20 you decided you're getting too old for so much "strenuous" activity.
  8. Large groups of anyone under 19 terrify you. They terrified you when you were their age, and they're even scarier now. (Why do they travel in packs? What if they all attack at once?!)
  9. The last time you went out on a weekend it was to take the trash can to the curb and grab your Saturday newspaper before the neighborhood scallywags could trample it with their grimy feet.
  10. You're often told that your fashion sense is vaguely reminiscent of a grandmother. It's not your fault that knit cardigans are so darned comfortable!
  11. You seriously relate to commercials for walk-in tubs and LifeAlert. In fact, it's a miracle you still have your original hips.

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