11 Questions You Need to Ask Your Guidance Counselor Now

11 Questions You Need to Ask Your Guidance Counselor Right Now


Whether you’re in high school or college, any time is a good time to talk with your guidance counselor or advisor about your progress and future plans. Here is a list of important questions you should be asking.

How should I study for the PSAT, SAT, or ACT?

If you are in high school, this is a good question to ask your counselor. They may suggest certain books or websites that you can look into in order to help you prepare for these exams.

What do schools look for in an application essay?

It’s helpful for ask your guidance counselor about what universities look for in an admission application essay. You want your essay to be written in the best way possible, with the most important information included.

Can you put me in contact with a recent grad who went to a school I’m interested in?

Talking to recent graduates who have attended one of your chosen schools are a great way to get insight into life on campus and additional advice that a school website won’t tell you. They were in your shoes not too long ago, so they may have some really good tips on applying, staying hopeful, and answering any other questions you may have.

What elective courses do you recommend?

If you are heading to college, you may have to take a number of elective courses. These usually include music, a language, or art, depending on your school of choice. If you have no idea what you want to take, get some advice.

Are there any scholarships that I qualify for?

Talk to your guidance counselor and the campus financial aid office about any scholarships you might eligible for, in high school and in college. Every little bit helps.

What can I do at home or over the summer to prepare for college?

Students prepare for college in different ways. Find what will help you mentally and physically to prepare for this new adventure.

What classes do I have to take next semester?

Especially if you are in college already, talk to your counselor about what classes you have to take in the upcoming semester. Try to take classes that are somewhat relevant. For example, this semester I am taking Communication Law and Political Science. These classes have similar content, which makes studying and retaining information that much easier.

What are my core classes?

If you’re in college, it’s important to map out all of the required classes you have to take, outside of your major. You want to knock all of these out before your senior year. If there’s a class you’re worried about taking, think about taking it at a different school, like a community college. Just make sure the course transfers back to your home school.

Am I up-to-date with all of my credits?

This is a very important question if you are an upperclassman in college. Make sure you are caught up with all of your credits in order to graduate.

What can I do if I’m struggling academically?

If you know you are struggling, don’t take asking for help as a sign of weakness. This shows that you care about your performance and you want to do better.

What is the information about a school’s Master’s Program?

If you are a junior or senior in college, it is important for you to have all the information about the Master’s Programs your school offers. You should have some idea of what you want to do after graduation.

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