10 Types of Guys You'll Meet at Welcome Week in College

10 Types of Guys You Meet at Welcome Week

Welcome week is full of handsome guys who’ll catch your eye, but it’s important to know when to smooth talk, and when to fast walk as far away as you can. Follow the guide below to navigate the perfect date, and maybe even find your Mr. Right.

1. The Sports Guy

Out of all the guys you’ll meet, Sports Guy is the most common. He’s the type of guy who’s in college to play sports. He’s easily recognizable, as his everyday attire includes a jersey, sweatshirt, baseball hat, sweatpants, or some other item of clothing bearing the logo of one of his many beloved sports teams. Sports Guy typically spends his free time talking, playing, and watching sports. And if for one moment Sports Guy isn’t focused on sports, he’s probably playing video games.

2. The Study Body…I mean, buddy

Need a study buddy? Well, look no further because there’s no one you’ll want to study more than a Study Body. I mean, study with… your study buddy… Moving on...He’s the hottie with the smarts, and he’ll melt your heart, but before you calc him later, remember that every Study Body Buddy loves the attention of many, so to him you’re just a common denominator.

3. The Hide and Go Sneak

I mean, maybe he just forgot to mention his girlfriend while he was flirting with you. That’s possible, right? NOPE. When a Hide and Go Sneak isn’t spending his time flirting with every girl he sees, you’ll find him praying that no one asks if he has a girlfriend, or finds him talking to his girlfriend in private. Now, a Hide and Go Sneak doesn’t typically want to lie. If confronted, he’ll usually admit to being tied down. But, if he can hide, he will sneak.

4. Captain Hook

Unlike his name would suggest, Captain Hook is a straightforward man. He’s trying to hook up, and he’s probably not afraid to let you know that. Captain Hook is also the type of man who fishes with bait. He’ll ask you to go to a party with him. He’ll tell you he has alcohol in his room, or he’ll use some unoriginal line about being on the football team or being an upperclassman. Make sure you don’t fall for it, because if you do, he’ll reel you in hook, line, and sinker.

5. The Virgin Marty

We all know the saying “nice guys finish last,” right? Well, none of us know it quite as well as The Virgin Marty. This is the guy who has never had a girlfriend, never been on a date, and has yet to receive his first kiss. Maybe you can pucker up, and be his stroke of luck.

6. Steady Freddie

Do the kids these days still say “going steady?” Well, you do if you’re a Steady Freddie, because steady is the only place you’ll be going. Steady Freddie is the type of guy who has a girlfriend back home - a girlfriend that he constantly texts, constantly Skypes, constantly talks about, and constantly mopes over. I mean, the Facebook posts might be cute at first, but if you get to be besties with Steady Freddie, you better be ready to gab about the girlfriend 24/7, and a whole lot of jealousy if she ever finds out you’re getting too close to her man.

7. The Best Man

If you’re looking for the perfect guy best friend, The Best Man is the guy to look out for. He’s a laid back type of guy with a lot of friends, most of which are girls. Have no fear though; The Best Man always has time for you… that is until a girlfriend comes along, wrecking The Best Man forever.

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8. Ace of Dates

This man is single and ready to mingle. He’s a flirt, but he’s also usually pretty sweet. The Ace of Dates is never the type to be looking for anything serious. This is most likely because he just got out of a serious high school relationship, and after being tied down for months or years, he’s looking forward to a little freedom. The Ace of Dates isn’t a guy you have to worry about too much. He’s a gentleman, and he prides himself on that. However, make sure you don’t get too attached, because if you try to reel him in, he’s going to be swimming away as fast as he can. There are other fish in the sea, girl.

9. The Burger King

He’s the guy with a king-sized personality everyone can’t help but love. He’s a party animal 24/7, which makes him a pleasure to have in class… that is until you’re assigned to work with him on a group project.

10. Mr. Right

This man is college sweetheart material. If you find him, hold onto him! … But not too tightly because then you’ll scare him away. The best way to recognize Mr. Right is by the amazing and almost immediate connection you’ll have with him. He’ll be handsome, smart, and pretty much everything you ever wanted in a guy. Mr. Right is not the type of guy, however, that you should go looking for. He’ll show up when he’s ready, but for you lucky girls out there, he just might be ready come welcome week.


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