10 Things You Should Never Do in an Interview

10 Things You Should Never Do in an Interview


Interviews are something you should take seriously, especially if it is for an important position. Be sure to keep the following in mind to avoid during an interview.

1. Dress inappropriately

The first thing employers see is your appearance. Don’t wear clothes that are too tight or too loose, and don’t dress too casually. Dress professionally for the job you want.

2. Be unfamiliar with the company

You should always come prepared with knowledge of the company you are applying for. If employers see that you don’t know anything about the company, why would they hire you to work there?

3. Answer or check phone

Not only is this rude during an interview, but it comes off as unprofessional and disrespectful to your interviewer.. Make sure your phone is off before going into the building or interview room.

4. Give too-specific examples

This was a mistake I made in a mock interview. They told me that I got too deep into giving an example of a difficult situation I had. Although the example as a whole was good, I began telling it as if I were talking to my friend and I added parts that could have been left out of the story.

It is good to be comfortable in an interview, especially when explaining things, but don’t get too caught up in what you are saying. Remember you are in a professional place.

5. Act unconcerned

If an employer sees that you are uninterested or are showing no eagerness, then they will not hire you. They want someone who is excited and can bring that excitement to the company and to their clientele.

6. Not ask any questions

Always come prepared with a few questions to ask the employer at the end of the interview. Even if you don’t have any, make one or two up. Asking specific questions shows that you are interested in the job and are curious to know more.


7. Brag

Although it is good to acknowledge your accomplishments, don’t brag about it too much. Instead, talk about how you used them to help you succeed at your previous job. You can also talk a about your weaknesses, and how you turned them into a positive.

8. Talk negatively about previous employers

No current employer wants to hear bad comments about other companies or people. If a previous company didn’t work out for you, find a professional way to explain it.

9. Lie

Do not lie about anything, because if an employer asks you to elaborate on it, then you will be stuck. Just be honest about your achievements and difficulties.

10. Say, “I’m nervous” or “It’s on my resume”

You do not need to tell the employer that you are nervous. That shows a lack of confidence. If you are nervous, keep it to yourself, and find ways to help you stay comfortable and confident.

Also, the employer obviously knows what is on your resume. If they ask you about something on the resume, it means they want you to elaborate on it.

Stick with these tips during an interview, and you should be fine.

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