10 Things That'll Eventually Happen When You Live in a Dorm

10 Things That Will Eventually Happen When You Live in a Dorm

Moving in to a college dorm is very exciting, but there are a few things you should expect. Here are some things you can count on happening:

1. Fire alarms

This is one of the most annoying sounds you will hear when living in a college dorm. The worst part is that they will go off at the most inconvenient times. When the school is nice enough to tell you when a scheduled fire alarm is, get out of the building before it goes off. The worse thing that can happen is getting caught during a fire drill while you are in the shower.

2. Loudness

Some other sounds that are inevitable while in a college dorm are other students blasting music. This will also occur at the most inconvenient times. During my freshman year, I had to constantly ask my neighbor to turn down her music during the day because I was studying. It became such a routine that whenever I would knock on her door, she would say, “Is the music too loud?” without me having to ask.

There are quiet hours, and music will definitely be blasted on the weekends. You think it’s over when everyone goes out, but when students come back at two a.m. from a party is when the noise continues.

3. Weird smells

Besides loud noise, you will also run into different smells. One includes smells from the bathroom (and yes, the ladies can be just as bad). There is always that one person who doesn’t flush. Try leaving nice notes, reminding others to clean up after themselves.

Another smell you will definitely run into is marijuana. College is the place where people experiment, take risks, and do other weird things. Just try to stay away from it.

4. Bugs and insects

There will be bugs and insects no matter what. The only advice here is to keep your food in sealed pouches and snacks up high off the floor and to keep your room clean. Hopefully, your roommate won’t be too messy.

5. Laundry will pile up

In addition to all the gross stuff I just mentioned, another inevitable event that will happen is that your laundry will pile up. If you are a busy person like myself, you will go without washing clothes until you have nothing else to wear. Then, you find yourself taking up three washing machines at once.

6. You will sleep in and miss class at least once

Sleeping in is unavoidable. Even if you consider yourself to be the best student around, you will miss at least one class. Even students with afternoon classes still strangely miss one. When I missed my first class, I was very upset, but it happens and you can’t let it get you down. Just ask someone (not the teacher) what you missed in class.


7. You will realize it is impossible to study in your room

There are way too many distractions in a dorm room, especially if you have a television and music. The best place would be the library because it gets you in the study/work mode. It is also quiet and the only distraction you have to keep yourself from is your phone.

8. You will be up until 3 a.m. before finals

Be prepared to stay up late during finals week. Sometimes you may have more than one final in a day. Buy coffee and other snacks that will help you get through that long night of studying. Oh, and don’t worry, quiet hours are in effect all day and night during this time.

9. You will hear people having sex

College dorm walls are not as thick as you would think. If you hear your neighbor going at it, try to avoid pounding on the wall, or ceiling like some people I know (me). Put on some headphones, turn your music up, and keep busy.

10. Have the best time and create great memories

Although living in a college dorm comes with weird smells, loud music, untimely events, and late nights, you will for sure have some of the most fun you will ever have and meet some pretty amazing people.

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