10 Things Every Guy is Thinking About on the First Date

10 Things Every Guy is Thinking About on the First Date


First dates are either the start of a love story or the beginning of a disastrous night. As guys on first dates, there are thoughts swirling through our head as if a tornado has touched down in our brains. Various guys are always worried about slightly different things, but don’t be fooled; we are always racking our brains. This is what guys really think about on a first date.

How did she dress for the date?

Before we even see you, we are thinking about what you have on. It gives us a glimpse into what type of girl you are.

Do I look good? Why is she out with me?

Self-conscious thoughts never leave our head, especially if we are out with a girl that’s “out of our league.” We want to know why you’re here and what you like about us, even though it’s not a first date discussion.

What’s her past?

There is always a reason why someone is single. Whether it be by choice or baggage that comes with our date, we are always nosy about your past.

Do we even have the same interests?

Basically: do we have the same hobbies? If I’m on a first date and I have no interest in what you like, unfortunately it’s not going anywhere after this. We want to share our passions with you.

Does she dress up often?

We’re wondering if this is a special occasion for you. Do you usually like to get this dressed up? We like when a girl likes to dress up often and look as beautiful as she can be. We try to gauge how often you would dress this nice.

Could I hang out with her casually?

A main thought is if we can lounge around with you and be comfortable. We don’t want to have to try too hard or change our ways to make our dates happy. We always like a girl that’s laid back.

Second date material?

How is the date going? Guys are constantly gauging the atmosphere of the date to see if we or even you are interested in that elusive second date.

Does she like sports?

Bottom line: we don’t want to have to battle over the remote when our favorite team is playing.

How much is this going to cost?

Am I breaking the bank or is it worth it? Is this under my budget? Should we get an appetizer? Just a few floating thoughts while we worry about our monetary situation. Good news is we spend it wisely, on you!

Am I getting lucky?

Not exactly what you want to hear is it? The unfortunate truth is guys have this cross their minds while they are on a first date. Now most gentlemen (like me) don’t act on these thoughts. Sadly, for some men, though, it’s more of a reality and an end goal. Remember, it’s always in the hands of women at the end of the night, so stay strong.

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