10 Signs You’re the Dad of Your Friend Group

10 Signs You’re the Dad of Your Friend Group

1. You tell dad jokes.

In other words, you’re usually the only one laughing at your own jokes.

2. You always drive your friends around.

And you don’t ask them for gas money. If your friends don’t have cars, or they just don’t feel like driving, they can always count on you for a ride.

3. You’re all about food.

You always have plenty of snacks with you, and you’re happy to share. Pretty much wherever you are, you make sure your friends don’t go hungry. If you’re studying in the library, you’ll get something from the vending machine for them. If you’re traveling, you’ll grab something at the gas station or from a fast food place. If a friend needs a break from work or just a night out, you’ll take them to a nice restaurant.

4. You’re more cautious than the rest of your group.

You always read warning signs, road signs, and nutrition facts. You’re extra cautious behind the steering wheel, especially when there are passengers with you. Before you buy or eat something, you check the label to make sure it doesn’t have trans fats or high fructose corn syrup. Your main goal is to make sure everyone is safe and healthy, all day every day.

5. You know when to be serious, and when to goof off.

We all have those immature friends who don’t know when to stop. But you know how to have fun with those friends, and when it’s time to be serious and have a real conversation, or when you need to pay attention in class.

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6. You get the best deals.

You might use coupons and compare prices at the grocery store to get the biggest bang for your buck. Or, if the food you order at a restaurant isn’t exactly how you want it, you will complain (politely!) until the manager gives you a discount or a free dessert.

7. You comment about what your friends are wearing.

Your roommate will be heading off to class and you’ll remark, “That dress is a little short,” or, “You’re going out in public wearing that?!” When you know it will be chilly outside, but your friend wants to be all cute in her tank top, you will casually ask, “Won’t you need a jacket?” When your friends are trying clothes on in the mall, you’re not afraid to be honest - “Those pants are pretty tight, don’t you think? Maybe you should get a bigger size.”

8. You settle disputes between your friends.

You get along well with everyone, so they always come to you for a compromise.

9. People go to you when they feel scared or worried.

You’re good at putting things into perspective. There’s something reassuring about the advice you give that makes your friends feel at ease.

10. You’re very helpful.

You help some friends with their physics homework, or change a tire on your other friend’s car. You’re always willing to give someone a hand moving furniture or fixing something, and you always hold the door for strangers! It’s the little things.

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