10 Signs You're in Texas

10 Signs You're in Texas

The Lone Star State is the largest state in the lower 48, and only shadowed by Alaska. Sometimes Texas can even feel like its own country, and the people that live there feel it too. If any of these signs seem true, you’re most likely in Texas.

1. Whataburger

A fast food restaurant that is more worshiped than dined at, and one you might not be familiar with if you have never been to Texas. Whataburger was founded in the Southern Texas city of Corpus Christi. Today, a Whataburger establishment can be found on every corner in Corpus Christi, and throughout the state. The fast food staple is more likely to be pronounced “waterburger,” or “whattaburger,” and if you see one near you, this is most likely a sign you’re in Texas.

2. Increased Traffic Speeds

Across the nation, speed limits vary. One-lane roads could be 35 or 40 mph, but just like the saying says, “everything is bigger in Texas.” Various one-lane roads across the vast state of Texas can have speed limits in excess of 75 mph. Because Texas is such a large state, and cities often have several miles (if not hundreds) in between each other, traffic doesn’t occur much on these one lane interstates. Therefore, the 75 mph speed limit is safe and effective for people on a daily commute from one city to another. If you are on a one-lane road and notice the speed limit is 75 mph, this could be a sign you’re in Texas.

3. Y’all* (not a real word)

That’s right everyone. You might have heard this saying vocalized as a joke about southern states, but it really is said in Texas. Most individuals know it’s not a real word, but because of the overwhelming exposure it gets, a lot of people who were born in Texas still say it. If people around you say sentences that contain “y’all” (still not a word) as five of the seven words, then most likely it’s a sign you’re in Texas.

4. Bluebell Ice Cream

You might have heard of this Texas icon last year on the news, when it took a hiatus because of its listeria outbreak in 2015. Well, since then, Bluebell Ice Cream has been restocked on shelves all over Texas. You would think that after the death of two people a company’s sales would plummet, but, in Texas, it seems that everyone just wants the frozen snack more. Bluebell is certainly a sign of Texas and you can find the treat in grocery stores, gas stations, and pretty much everywhere in between.

And in case you’re still not sure, here are a few more hints you’re in Texas…

5. People around you are wearing shorts in winter.

6. It is 70 degrees in winter.

7. People are wearing coats when it’s 60 degrees Fahrenheit outside.

8. The nearby high school football stadium looks more like an Olympic arena.

9. You heard screaming and thought someone was hurt, but really the Dallas Cowboys just lost a football game again.

10. Finally, you see sayings on billboards and bumper stickers, like “The Best State There Is!”