10 Signs You're From the Midwest

10 Signs You're From the Midwest


1: You’re Sick of Corn

Corn mazes are fun to visit around Halloween, and you don’t mind the occasional cob on your dinner plate, but you can’t visit any semi-rural area without seeing a corn field or two dozen. If you don’t see corn, then you probably spot corn’s hipster younger brother, soybeans. More than likely you’ll see the two of them side-by-side, and you’re constantly reminded of why everyone in other parts of the country thinks your state contains nothing but farm land.

2: You Care About Nascar

You either love it or hate it, but you definitely have an opinion on it. Either way, race cars are an inescapable part of life throughout the spring and summer seasons. Buckle up.

3: You Love Ranch Dressing

It’s everywhere, on everything, and the rest of the country is missing out. No condiment even comes close. Except maybe ketchup. Ketchup’s okay.

4: You say “Pop”

“Soda” is such a 1950s term and “Coke” is a very specific soft drink, not a general name for all of them. “Pop” is where it’s at.

5: You Never Know What the Weather Will Be Like

The temperature is so questionable that you may find yourself wearing shorts one day and a winter coat the next. Layers are your friend — that way, you can take clothes off or put them on as necessary and change your style along with the whims of the heavens.

6: You See Tractors Everywhere

Sometimes in the fields. Sometimes in the middle of the road. Sometimes in front of you at the McDonald’s drive-through. Just depends on the day, really, but you’re more than likely to see one somewhere.

7: You Have Manners

Maybe it’s because the Midwest is partially connected to Canada, but whatever the reason, Midwesterners have a reputation for being polite. I say if we’re going to be stereotyped, I’ll take this stereotype over any other. Thank you.

8: You Can’t Drive Without Watching for Deer

Either you’ve heard horror stories of your friends and family hitting deer, or you’ve had the unfortunate experience of hitting one yourself. Either way, you know to drive safely, especially at night and especially on back roads. Colliding is seriously dangerous and seriously sad for the animals.

9: Tornados Don't Phase You

Tornado warnings are such a common occurrence that you don’t even bat an eyelash when the sirens go off, especially when every town tests them so often and every grade school has countless tornado drills each year. Chances are, you’ve probably even seen a small twister. Maybe you’ve even gone outside looking for them. So, as long as a storm isn’t too bad, you know how to keep your cool around severe weather the way the rest of the country doesn’t.

10: Your Accent Confuses People

People from other areas of the country always confuse the Midwestern twang for a Southern accent. You don’t understand why, yet no one believes you when you tell them you’re actually from the Midwest, not the South. It’s one of life’s greater mysteries.

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