10 Signs You're a Business Major

10 Signs You're a Business Major


Money runs the world, and it is not tough to see that the transfer of the money in the economy is through the medium of business. When you take into account that a business major is frequently listed as one of the highest-paying majors around, the connection makes sense. From MBA students to human resource majors, business majors (which can cover finance, marketing, business administration, and more) have a certain way about them. We always stand out from the crowd. Here are a few signs to decipher if you are a true business major:

1. Quick thinking

If you are one to have a quick, effective reaction to high-pressure situations, you should consider pursuing the business field. Consistent response and reform are always needed in the business world to ensure the evolution and expansion of any firm you’ll work with.

2. Friends look to you for the math

When you’re out with friends, you are always the one who checks the numbers. Whether it’s computing the tip on a restaurant bill or adding up a receipt, you are the trusted calculator.

3. Money-handling

We all love that feeling of green, if you know what I mean! Having a responsibility to handle the money is appealing to some. Lucky for you, you have enrolled in one of the highest-paying majors on campus, so you should get some experience with handling money at one point or another.

4. Dress code

You always knew how to dress from the start, and even had professional business attire since high school…even though we still don’t fully understand the fine line between business casual and business professional.

5. Taking bets

Finance concentrations, I’m looking at you. This is more for those rising business(wo)men. We are the ones always making and taking bets to prepare us for those future stock investments. Those who love risk and reward are definitely business-oriented.

6. Personable

This is a must for the business world, since networking is arguably the single most important facet of the major. You will spend hours in a business casual setting with the opportunity to talk to employers. The key is to stay calm and present yourself as a high-valued target for any employer.

7. Social media

Going hand in hand with networking, we must not forget to keep our social media clean! You never know if an employer is taking an early peek at their prospective employees. LinkedIn is also a major player in the business world, which should be used not only by business majors, but every college student around.

8. Resume

If you have written (and re-written) your resume over 100 times to make sure it is perfect, but it never seems to be good enough, then you are a business major.

9. Reading material

Most of us business-minded folk spend time reading the Wall Street Journal or other economic periodicals to keep up on the world of business.

10. Payoff

Last, of course, we cannot ignore the payoff of business. It is no surprise that it is one of the highest-paying majors in the country, especially if you go for that MBA, since it is business and finance that runs the world.

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