10 Signs Your Coffee Addiction is Getting Out of Control

10 Signs Your Coffee Addiction is Getting Out of Control


Throughout college you’ll gain friends, but there will never be a greater friend than coffee. Coffee always provides for you whenever you need it most. Just as we often become addicted to our friends on campus, we become addicted to that morning (and afternoon, and all-nighter) jolt coffee delivers.

However, as with all things, you can have too much of it. I also have experienced a dependency on our long-time amigo, coffee. Here are some signs you are too dependent on the addictive beverage.

1. Morning thoughts

If your first thought once you wake up is finding coffee, you need to cut back.

2. Withdrawal

Once you develop withdrawal symptoms, such as headaches, you may already be addicted to caffeine.

3. Forever fatigued

When I was trying to ween myself off of a coffee binge, I was exhausted all day, even if I had a full night’s sleep. Just a by-product of relying on caffeine to stay awake.

4. Constant thoughts

You should become concerned about your coffee addiction if you are sitting in class or eating lunch thinking about your next cup. Pondering what size to order at Starbucks instead of the exam review taking place right in front of you? Face it, you’re addicted.

5. Behavior patterns

Some of the people around you can even tell if you haven’t had coffee just based on your actions. At this point, coffee has taken over your life.

If you act like a different person without your daily cup, maybe it’s time to reevaluate your priorities.

6. More behavior patterns…

If you can’t hold a conversation before your morning cup of coffee, then you’ve become totally dependent. At some point, your body will rely on caffeine to feel good, even to the point where you hate life without coffee. Don’t be that person.

7. Mug collection

For those at-home coffee drinkers who have started a mug collection to accommodate your addiction… good luck.

When you realize that whenever you receive a gift it turns out to be a coffee mug, this should call for an intervention.

8. Increasing intake

Caffeine is classified as a “drug,” so once you begin to develop a tolerance, you may see your intake increase to sustain your buzz. This is a prime example that your coffee addiction is getting out of control!

9. Bank buster

I am sure most of you are familiar with the financial struggles of a college student. Once you find yourself spending your last dollar on a cup of coffee rather than gas, rent, or food needed to survive, you’ve hit a new extreme.

10. Coffee as a fundamental truth

At some point you may even equate coffee drinking with gravity, Newton’s Third Law of Motion, or any other inescapable truth.

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