10 Signs It's Not Just a Summer Fling

10 Signs It's Not Just a Summer Fling


Cuddling on swan pool floats, holding hands on the beach, romantic ice cream dates…you get the picture. It was pretty much straight out of The Notebook. But now summer is winding down, fall classes are right around the corner, and you’re beginning to wonder if your picture-perfect fling will make it past Labor Day. If you’re looking for a few signs that you’re headed in the right direction, here are a few clues.

1. You don’t stress over the content of your texts.

The days when you had to edit a text three times and send it to at least two friends for review before sending a simple “what’s up?” are behind you. Maybe you even — gasp — double text, and without fear. True love.

2. You make plans.

Real plans, not plans to “hang out later.” Maybe you’re their plus one to a friend’s wedding next month, or you’re planning to go to an upcoming concert together. It can even be as simple as agreeing to see a movie that comes out in a few weeks. Whatever it is, you’re including each other in your future plans, and that speaks volumes.

3. They ask about you, and vice versa.

Your likes, your dislikes, your interests, your friends and family…if they’re taking the time to get to know you, they’re in it for more than just a hookup.

4. You text each other just to say hi.

Because “how’s your day going?” is so much nicer than a 1 a.m. “wyd?”

5. An argument isn’t the end of the world.

Every couple has their moments, and you know a disagreement doesn’t automatically mean either of you are throwing in the towel. Arguments are a natural part of any relationship — if anything, it shows that you care and are invested in each other. (On the other hand, if you’re getting into screaming matches every other night over where to eat, maybe we should talk…)

6. You’ve met each other’s friends.

Yes, this can happen by coincidence, but introducing each other to other important people in your lives is a step in the right direction for any couple. No one is going to bother introducing their friends to someone they don’t expect to stick around for long. If they’re opening up other parts of their life to you, they mean business.

7. You sleep together.

And I mean actually sleep.

8. They want you to weigh in.

Whether it’s what they should order for dinner or help picking out an apartment, you can’t have a strong relationship without valuing each other’s input.

9. You make each other a priority.

It should come naturally. Maybe you don’t have an unspoken agreement to spend every weekend together yet, but consulting each other before making plans (or even just letting each other know of them) is a good start.

10. You go out of your way for each other.

We’re all guilty of overthinking, but in reality, it’s pretty simple. If someone likes you, they’ll make an effort — to see you, to talk to you, to do things that make you happy. And if they don’t, are they really worth your time, anyway?

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