These 10 Schools Have the Best College Tailgates in the Country

10 Schools Where Tailgating is Life


10. University of Southern California

I’ve never experienced Los Angeles on a football Saturday, but I’ve only heard great things about the tailgating at USC.

9. University of Florida

I may be a little bit partial to SEC tailgating as I was raised on it. The Gators do not disappoint when it comes to their pre-football tailgating. Head down to Gainesville for a sunny Saturday of grilling, cold beers, and some good SEC football.

8. Clemson University

Clemson is one of the most iconic Southern football schools. The food is outstanding and the fans are even better. Head down to Clemson, South Carolina for a wild Saturday with Tiger fans.

7. University of South Carolina

Located in Columbia, the capital of the state, the University of South Carolina is a true definition of American football tailgating.

6. University of Oregon

You may not think of the Pacific Northwest when you think of football, but the University of Oregon is one of the prime places for American football and tailgating. Head to Eugene, Oregon to spend the day cheering on the Ducks.

5. University of Wisconsin

The first Big 10 school on the list is certainly not a disappointment. Wisconsin is passionate about two things: football and cheese. In the heart of Madison, the Badgers will surely be one to remember.

4. University of Georgia

Located in Athens, Georgia, the Bulldog fans don’t hide on game day. The campus is covered in red and black for the day, brimming with school spirit. The campus itself is gorgeous, and I highly recommend visiting on game day!

3. University of Michigan

The largest football stadium in the country has to be filled with people from somewhere. They all flood the city of Ann Arbor from early in the morning to cook, drink, and cheer on the Wolverines. I can say this is by far one of the most incredible tailgating experiences there is.

2. University of Mississippi

Ole Miss is located in Oxford, and stands as the largest university in the state with some memorable game day traditions to boot. Visit the Rebels if you’re ready for some Southern football passion.

1. Louisiana State University

I’ve been to many campuses for game day, but Baton Rouge has surpassed them all. From the gates of Death Valley to the corners of campus, the city is covered in purple and gold from early in the morning until well after the end of the fourth quarter. Grab an Abita and a bowl of jambalaya and learn the best Tigers traditions.

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