10 of the Coolest Subscription Boxes You’ll Wish You Knew About Sooner

10 of the Coolest Subscription Boxes You’ll Wish You Knew About Sooner

Over the last few years, subscription boxes have become increasingly popular because, let’s face it, who wouldn’t love to have the things they need (or just really, REALLY want) delivered straight to them every month without even having to leave the house? Think of subscription boxes as express online shopping. For every box, you usually create a profile with your preferences and favorites, create a pay plan, and patiently await the delivery of your products. The companies do most of the work for you, and best of all, you can end your subscriptions at any time.

There are plenty of subscription boxes out there under any category you could think of. Food, fashion, beauty, books, and art/music are just few of many others. Among the variety of categories, subscriptions come in a variety of prices, so you can always find the best deal of the bunch.


Munchpak (5+ full size snacks for $9.95 per month)

Have you ever wanted to travel from the comfort of your own room? Munchpak sends you a variety of snacks from around the world so you - and your taste buds - can travel at a cheap price.

Single Cup Club ($12.99 per month with $3.95 flat rate shipping)

Coffee addicts and Keurig owners: this is your calling. Each month you’ll receive a box of 15 cups of small batch coffees with each box including three unique gourmet coffee blends. Never settle for the same old flavors again.


Pura Vida Bracelets Monthly Club ($14.95 per month)

Support a good cause and look stylish in the process. A Pura Vida subscription gets you three hand-made Costa Rican bracelets each month from their newest and most popular collections. With each purchase, you are supporting local Costa Rican artisans.

Stitch Fix ($20 styling fee for each box)

This box is perfect for men and women who have ever wished that they had a personal shopper. Create a profile with information such as size, styles, budget, and lifestyle, you’ll be sent a box filled with up to five outfit items. Once your box is delivered, you choose the clothes and accessories you want to keep and send back the things you’re not into. You will only be charged for the items you keep, and the $20 styling fee you’ve already paid goes towards that purchase. And if you decide to buy all the items, you get 25% off the entire purchase!


Ipsy ($10 per month)

Whether you’re a makeup guru or a beginner, you can delve into the world of beauty with Ipsy. By answering a few questions about makeup and product preferences, you can start your subscription and receive a makeup bag filled with samples and full-sized products each month.

Scentbox ($13.95 per month)

Sometimes it’s hard to find that perfect cologne or perfume scent without breaking the bank. With Scentbox, each month you pick from over 525 designer fragrances and select one. Scentbox then sends you a 30 day supply of your selected scent! You’ll get to try out new fragrances each month and possibly discover a new personal favorite.


Your Audiobook Club ($9.99 per month)

Do you love hearing stories, but you’re always on the go? Audiobooks may be an option to consider. Select one of several genres (anything from inspirational to thrillers) and lose yourself in amazing audiobooks each month while you’re in the car, exercising, travelling, or just chilling on your bed.

BookCase.Club ($9.99 + $5 shipping per month)

For all the bookworms and avid readers out there, you won’t want to miss this deal. Whether you enjoy romance novels or historical books, you can select your favorite genre and fall in love with two new books each month. Want to switch things up? No worries, BookCase.Club allows you to change the genre of your subscriptions.


Chroma.Club ($8 per month)

Art therapy is known for relieving stress and anxiety, and art in general is a great pastime. Each month you’ll receive a coloring book with a variety of designs such as mandalas, floral patterns, and urban designs. Allow yourself to get creative and enjoy some downtime!

Magic Room Brand ($8 per month – 5 picks, $12 per month – pair of sticks, $20 per month – pair of sticks + 5 picks)

If you’re a drummer, guitarist, or both, you no longer need to search for the perfect drumstick or guitar pick. Magic Room Brand creates biodegradable accessories and ships them to you monthly. These sticks and picks are more durable and sustainable than the usual brands and create a better sound for your instrument.

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