10 Fictional Female Role Models We Can All Aspire to Be

10 Fictional Female Role Models We Can All Aspire to Be

We all have role models. They’re the people we look up to and base our actions on. They help us strive for the things that we’re too afraid to go after in our own mindset. They drive us to be better people. They push us to make a change in the world. And if it’s not in the world, it’s to push us to make a change in our world.  Most importantly, they show us what strength and courage look like.

Here are a few fictional ladies who’ve shaped my attitude as I grew up, and continue to be an example of strength and bravery for women everywhere. All of these characters have something we can aspire to:

Hermione Granger from Harry Potter

We all know this spunky little witch. She’s not afraid to show how intelligent she is. She will put herself out there to prove someone wrong and correct them on the correct pronunciation of a spell. She is incredibly loyal and brave. She sticks her neck out there not only for her best friends, but for people she doesn’t even know. When she’s faced with danger, she never backs down. Now this is a witch we can all aspire to be.

Professor McGonagall from Harry Potter

This is one awesome teacher. She stands up for her students even when it means putting herself in harm’s way Remember when all Slytherins turned on Harry? They were all ready to turn him in to the Dark Lord, but McGonagall wasn’t having it. She stood firm, and she doesn’t take crap from anyone. Plus she can transform into a cat, so, you know, she also has that going for her.

Buffy from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Buffy is one hardcore chick. She fights evil, has romances, makes time for her (also awesome) friends, and somehow goes to class on top of that. Talk about a busy schedule! And she does it all while saving the world. She’s strong and shows the world she doesn’t need a man to fight her battles. In fact, she often fights their battles. She’s strong and kicks butt, and looks fabulous doing it!

Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games

Katniss shows us the true meaning of sacrifice. She puts herself in a life-threatening situation so her family remains safe. She stands up for what she believes in and keeps fighting for it, no matter how tough things get. She shows us that girls can be skilled as a leader, not to mention handling a bow and arrow.

Charlotte from Charlotte's Web

Granted, Charlotte isn’t a human. But she has touched all of our hearts and shown us the impact love can have. She dedicates her time and effort to save someone who deserves a chance at life. She shows us how far patience can go and what kind of effect it can have on the world. She doesn’t give up, and shows that if you believe, you will achieve. It doesn’t matter if everyone else is against your cause. Go for it!

Lucy Pevensie from The Chronicles of Narnia

This is a young lady that shows us that age doesn’t matter. She shows us the value of friendship can go a long way, as well the value of family. She is strong and doesn’t back down in the face of danger, even if she is the youngest sibling. She may be little, but she packs a punch!

Bubbles, Blossom, and Buttercup from The PowerPuff Girls

Bubbles, Blossom, and Buttercup are three little girls that totally kick butt. They save the day as sisters and show us that a family can get through anything when they stick together. Bubbles is the sweet and cuddly one. Blossom is the leader who gets everything done. Buttercup is the tough one. Alone they can accomplish a lot, but together, they’re capable of anything

Matilda from Matilda

We’ve all read the book by Roald Dahl about the genius little girl with the psychic powers. But it’s not just about her powers. Whether it’s her mean teacher or the nasty principal, she’s driven and determined to see that everyone gets what they deserve. She gets things done and makes sure that everyone is happy, showing us all that making the world a better place is possible no matter who you are or what situation you’re in.

Nancy Drew from The Nancy Drew Series

Nancy Drew is one brave girl. She solves crimes and helps others find things that they’ve lost. She’ll take on any case and catch whoever she’s looking for. She’s showed us that if you’re passionate about something, you can do it no matter what. Things don’t have to be as hard as others may make them seem. You just have to keep your mind to it and keep trying, and you’ll always solve whatever comes at you, just like Nancy.

Officer Hops from Zootopia

Of course I had to include Judy Hops on the list, Zootopia being one of my favorite Disney movies. Judy isn’t a bunny that will let anyone push her around. She’s a bunny out to claim her purpose. She knows that she’s destined for more than just being a bunny farmer. Despite everyone pushing her down, she never lets go of the dream that she knows is rightfully hers. She shows us that dreams are worth going after and continuing to pursue, regardless of all the negativity that surrounds us.

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