10 Easy Ways to Protect Your Drink at a Party

10 Easy Ways to Protect Your Drink at a Party


Going out to parties is always fun, but bad things can happen no matter how cautious you are, especially with drinks. Check out these easy tips to protect your drink at a party:

Don’t Put It Down Anywhere

Do not leave your drink anywhere and then come back for it. I repeat: do not. Anyone can put anything in it without you knowing. Take your drink with you and keep it safe.


Leave It With a Friend

If you absolutely have to leave your drink somewhere, leave it with a trusted friend who won’t take their eyes off of it.

Get Your Drink Yourself

Although it may be a nice gesture, don’t let anyone else get your drink for you. If someone offers to buy you a drink or asks you what you want,  go with them to get it. That way, the only person you have to trust is you.

Stay Away From Unknown Drinks

If you come across a drink that you’ve never heard of before, don’t risk taking it just because everyone else is. You don’t know what type or how much alcohol could be in it.

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Nothing Pre-opened

Stick to unopened bottles or cans of anything you drink at a party. You don’t know what could have been done to a drink after it’s been opened and passed around.

Stop Drinking If It Tastes Weird

If your drink has any type of strange taste or smell, stop drinking it.

Don’t Share Drinks

If someone offers you some of their drink, politely decline. You don’t want to risk mixing drinks, and you never know what could be in their drink. You also might not be able to take whatever type of alcohol is in their cup.

Check for Signs of Tampering

Some of these signs include your drink being slightly moved from where you left it, extra or less liquid in your cup than you remembered, weird bubbling, a different color, or a weird smell. If something seems off, it’s better to be safe and get a fresh drink.

Stay Alert

If you’re drinking alcohol, watch how much consume. Don’t get too drunk that you lose sense of what’s going on around you. You want to be able to stay alert at all times to watch yourself and your drink. Also, keep an eye open for your friend’s drink!

Trust Your Judgement

It’s very important to trust your own instincts when it comes to drinks and drinking. Although it may be hard when you’re surrounded by friends and having a good time, don’t give into peer pressure. If you have a bad feeling about something, trust your gut and don’t do it.

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